A few months ago, I’d been browsing Tumblr for interesting things. That was the day I found Zasphas.

Zasphas had a normal looking blog at first glance. Typical vintage pictures, images of celebrities, food, etc. I followed her for some movie GIFs. But then, just last week, she posted some text, under a “Read More” label, and tagged “Personal”. Curiosity got the better of me, and I opened the text post:


I’m typing this because I need to get something off my chest.

It’s not a matter of “gaining attention.” It’s a matter of just… talking.

Anything to talk. I haven’t talked in so long          .

I can’t remember the exact dates. It’s all like a blur to me. Well, almost all… almost all.

I was sleeping in my bed and I could swear I saw the shadow. It was standing outside that little glass door by my bed. And I could swear I had sleep paralyssis, I read about it, and knew it even though I could move my left arm. I couldn’t         move anything else. It was terrifying, I think.

And that was just the first night.
The second night
I faced from the door
Opposite, like.

And then the knob, it rattled. It rattled so bad. So loud, too. And it was slow at first, real slow. But then it got louder and faster and      I        heard the glass being tapped at and I knew it had happened again but my left arm was pinned under my sleeping body so I couldn’t tell if it was the exact thing or not. But it stopped after a while, maybe because it thought I wasn’t awake like last time, or it got tired of looking at my back. Backs are boring. What a pretty face.

And then there was third night, some weeks later. I’d thought it gave up, that it didn’t see me as fit anymore or something – and I was veryvery glad.

But that night, and I was on my back, and my head turned to the door. I shouldn’t ahve been looking at the doorr. I didn’t meant to. It was my fault all my fault yes.

I heard the coming on teh grass- like soft feet padding through it, then the fallls on the planks of the staircase of the deck, getting closer. And then a body shot to the rail, like a blur, a black blur, and I didn’t see it until it was far too late . I

ts face was pressed againsst the glass, all black, and the grin- you could see white teeth and gums, nothing more, grinning. Long neck attached to the bodyand it had spindly arms and legs that bent the wrong way.                ,               .

And it began to bash it’s ugly face agains t the glass door! The glass was cracking more and more with each bash I want your pretty face and I couldn’t move at all, only my left arm, but it felt like everytime I raised it and bent it its gone it bended in another way and grew out further. It was really not useable at all and I could just lay there as the glass gave in.

And it’s head burst in, but there was no sound of the glass breaking

but I told myself “This is paralysis, it’s a dream, it will disappear” like all the other dreams.

B&$ut iIt’s bLIKEeen so lYOURong siPRETTnce YI talked to aFACEnyone. Please list&*en


After that, I closed the post, feeling uneasy.

Within the next three days, there was no activity from her blog. I was going to go ask  her if everything was alright, but when I arrived at her Tumblr, it was deleted. Gone. Like it never even existed.

I don’t know what happened to Zasphas. Something tells me that I don’t want to know.

my left arms hu     rts.

Credit: Goaruma

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