You’re Too Slow

Today has gone by very quickly for you. School went by fast. You came home and started playing your NES, which ended in the defeat of Super Mario Bros in under an hour. After, you went for an a 3 mile jog, and ended it in under 15 minutes. As the day briskly goes by, you are feeling extremely confident about how your accomplishing abilities has risen over the expected norm. With this explosion of self-confidence you raise your arms over your head and shout, “I’m the fastest this world has ever known!” The day accelerates into night and you take an abrupt shower, ending in 5 minutes, and go to bed. You turn the lights off swiftly and close you eyes, rapidly falling into a deep sleep right as your head hits the pillow. In your dreams, you are running in the Olympics, and your opponents are eating your dust due to how agile you are. Suddenly, you are pulled out of your dream and open your eyes in a flash, immediately seeing a spiky headed blue figure clad in large red shoes with his arms crossed. Fear travels through you like lightning, since you have only seen this thing in video games. You blink and when you open your eyes, the blue form is now beside you. He leans down, staring his merciless green eyes into your very soul. The smirk he has sets you on edge. He comes close to your face and whispers…”You’re too slow.” Confused, you stare at him then blink…and he is gone except for the arrogant laughter he left behind. You sit up and wildly sprint out of your bed, refusing to be beaten. You jump down the stairs and throw the door open hurriedly, to see the blue hedgehog standing in the road under a lamplight, staring right at you. “Come on! Step it up!” Then you blink and he was gone. You fall you your knees in anguish. You were too slow. You die.

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