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your house is so lovely and is it clematis you’ve got in the garden yes it is yeah we’re very lucky because we’re south-facing so we get a lot of Sun we love it here we’re very happy hmm Jim tells me that you’ve spent some time in Seville yeah well I’m only only one year as an exchange student so I did a semester at the University but I met lots of friends out there and I go there quite a lot it’s great it’s very romantic place yeah we decided to go on this kayaking canoe little trip thing as we’d set off um you have so good straight away natural I was not so good oh oh I was like as I gave up but um there’s one girl on her own as we turned this corner she just like bashed into you and smacked you in the face with I don’t like I fell into the water Hey so bad oh god I got so dredged and it was really cold that day in the world afters we we stayed in the hotel and balith II tensed it’s one of your favorite places oh yes it’s it well it was white is well we haven’t been there for a long time no no nothing many years no oh my god this way so fat look very sweet though thank you so much for such lovely lunch it was really great um hopefully we’ll see you when we’re back that’d be lovely thanks for this I’ll give it back to you on Friday oh right thanks guys see you later bye bye have a super time she seems pretty nice yeah it’s lovely well our Tim’s pretty nice too you

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