Why we should show our hurt rather than argue – Free Ebook

so Dante’s in for him sick of it now there’s a job don’t think I can do it anymore hazel ah I’ve told you I’m not doesn’t matter it’s not what I want to do it’s not it’s not who I am until you know who you are you just got to carry on with it why are you doing something what now yes as partners to do that now just be a sec [Music] selfish selfish protect my phone to see if Veronica is all right you’re on face no I’m not on Facebook and you know what if we need a definition of selfish or self-centered I’m sorry but Oh me you’re right yeah I’m the one who’s selfish because it’s not like I spend all of last weekend in the garden with your mother you said you liked knowing I was being polite no it’s on rewriting history you some phat am i I didn’t say that geez why do I have to put words in my mouth what the words like not flattering what is that supposed to mean Jim what other work do you last Christmas you are half an hour late calling out calling out calling you don’t pick up the phone cord skipping I love you say hey bring you things about roses [Music] please don’t find out who you are you gonna have to just carry on love babe do you mind if we put the phone down for a second why I sis I’m trying to talk to you about this job thing and when you take the phone out it feels like conversation over I know it’s stupid but I’ve got a bit of a bit refresh our ego so when you do something I like it sort of takes a bit of a hit and I know it’s boring the job conversation because I’ve done it a million times and you’ve heard it and it’s silly and I shouldn’t you know I should afternoon [Music] it’s not silly at all I’m so sorry I just owl Jim I haven’t been focusing really I’ve had such a lot on and I was hoping no of course I know of course I don’t hate you of course I know Haley just don’t know wanna be able to talk to you [Music] my friends I knew you’d say something like yeah your friends never invite me to think that that’s how it works not true only last Sunday you invite it to something you’re like no oh hey man we’re gonna see Ben yes I already had something in the diary I know go so you keep saying putting the diary putting the diary and then I put the diamond about Allen and you spin out well I don’t know other thing is your friends are terrible and you know that that’s why you never at the school of life we believe in developing emotional intelligence to that end we’ve also created a whole range of products to support that growth find out more at the link on the screen now

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