Why We Had to Go to Germany – Free Ebook

The School of Life had to open in Germany. There were so many reasons: Because Germany invented our favourite word: “World-weariness” And our next favourite word: “Tired of Life” Because a single country doesn’t produce the greatest philosophers on earth by mistake. Schopenhauer Nietzsche Kant Hegel and Heidegger were not a coincidence. Because Berlin, where our branch is located, is the most attractively liveable city in Europe. Because we found a team of the very best thinkers and teachers and an equally nice location. Because philosophy just sounds better in German. Here is a lovely one from Nietzsche: “No winner believes in luck.” We also like this one from Schopenhauer: “All our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone.” Because Germans think nothing of chatting over large themes that other nationalities would think too heavy or big. It’s normal to ask what someone’s Weltanschauung might be. Germans also have a word: Abgrundanziehung = Abyss-Attraction which is as profound as it is dark. Because Germany produced our favourite painter: Caspar David Friedrich Because The School of Life’s HQ is steps away from some of the most delicious schnitzel in the world Because Berlin is THE place to go and see our favourite old architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel can admire Because Germany is the land not first and foremost of cars or high tech engineering, but of philosophy, intellectual exploration and friendship. Please come to see us at our new HQ, located in Prenzlauer Berg, Lychener Str. 7, 10437 Berlin.

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