Why Children’s Drawings Matter – Free Ebook

this is a day when Bobby Kennedy took up his job at the Department of Justice in 1962 one of the first things he did was to redecorate his grand office with his children’s drawings he was a very strange thing to do for most of human history it’s been unthinkable that an important person would pin a picture by a six-year-old to the walls of their throne room art was meant to show command of technical skills and sensitive fidelity to the real appearance of things but now children’s drawings are everywhere on our fridges and the walls of our office cubicles what is it about children and their bold vivid and utterly wonky drawings that we now see special Meriton it’s not in fact strange that it’s this period of human history that’s been the first to get really interested in children’s art societies get sensitive to things that they’re missing we live in a world that demands enormous self-discipline and charity we’re surrounded by precision technology and massive stifling bureaucracies to survive at any degree of success in these conditions we have to be exceptionally controlled and cautious creatures we have to give up so much of what we knew in childhood just together so what we find in children’s drawings are bits of our previous personalities in exile tender playful imaginative bits that we’ve had a surrender to survive what’s great about children’s art is how inaccurate it tends to be a traditional assumption of drawing is that if you’re going to be good at it you have to look very carefully at what things actually look like but small children don’t give a damn they don’t try to look objectively at a tree or hands or legs the child is gleefully unconcerned as to the true facts of the world into the self conscious careful adult that you feel very liberating indeed children’s art provides an opportunity to remind ourselves about true means we need discipline and rationality no doubt but we also need play naive and creativity where we don’t need to give it down children’s art shouldn’t be just thought endearing it’s a map of how we should some time to remember to be you

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