What’s Tricky About Your Sex Life – Free Ebook

[Music] one night I got really drunk in a bar and I got talking to a guy like a really old guy and his kid that just had a child so he was like he showed me a picture of his grandchild and I we were talking and it got like we got really drunk and it got quite flirty and without any inhibitions I I went for it and it was the best sex I’ve ever had how am I supposed to figure this out I am NOT turned on by guys my age I am really turned on by guys that could basically be my granddad at least my dad over than my dad sometimes I can’t tell anyone and like if I want to have kids how does that work because I just feel this I like I feel it inside myself and I can’t get rid of it I don’t really know what to do it’s hard when I’m having sex with my girlfriend I I think of men but but I’m not gay um I mean I love my girlfriend and I never had sex with men and that’s the thing that I don’t I don’t want to do I don’t believe that love is is a sexual thing although sex is is a big part of anybody’s relationship but that’s not it it’s not the biggest thing right so I don’t think I’m I’m gay I just think that that is something that needs to be explained and I and I can’t explain I just it just can’t I’ve got a boyfriend at the moment we’ve only been seeing each other for a couple of months or so and we have sex and it is good but it’s just like how it was when I was with you know in my previous relationships it’s just it’s just normal it’s not very exciting at all and I can’t orgasm with him without watching this particular porn so that the porn that I do enjoy watching it’s it shows quite graphic scenes of of of torture and and yeah people in pain and it does yeah it turns me on and but I haven’t yet told him that I find it not really difficult the thought of speaking to him about it is really yes it’s really hard for me and I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to bring myself around to doing it I don’t know I’m going to explain this so much it may be age I don’t really know but I have a terrible job getting erections it gets to my mind it really makes me really makes me worry I mean the things I see people do or I hear of people doing it I’d love to be able to do myself when you get out of it the desires are still with you you still have them but your body just won’t let you do anything about them I’m in a relationship with a woman we’ve been together for a while as long term is serious we’re in love everything is great really there’s something that has come up recently which is causing friction between us I have a fantasy if you would of being a schoolgirl again and being taken off into the woods by a group of men I want him to rip my clothes off I want him to fight over me I want to see the passion in their eyes I want I want to be outside I want to be unsafe I’m gonna be powerless and I I can’t get this out of my head it’s become an obsession I don’t even find the unattractive so I really don’t I don’t even understand where this is coming from I just don’t know what to do because when me and my girlfriend tried to make love she knows that there’s something else on my mind it frustrates me that I can’t be present with her and I don’t know what to do [Music] thank you for watching liking and subscribing if you want more why not visit us in person and attend a class or take a look at our shop at the link on your screen now

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