What It’s Like to Have a Mental Illness – Free Ebook

[Music] I’m not mentally well I haven’t been for a while it feels good to say that I probably come across as I had normal kind of guy but the truth is I often end up she’s sobbing in my bed like a baby there’s a lot of pressure these days to be a real man my dad would have called me a [ _ ] if I’d known how weak I feel sometimes ice to be fine I was doing well and work felt invincible but I started getting paranoid I’d get paralyzed and start feeling dread something bad was about to happen to me for me it came from nowhere if you told me a year ago this would be me today I probably would’ve laughed III used to think it was a kind of excuse people made to get up for work I have to take a whole lot of pills every morning and I wouldn’t be speaking this calmly if if I didn’t do that but it that way on a bad day I hate myself Ivan tell you how much but even telling someone it helps so much I had a full-on panic attack here’s this big family gathering there to call an ambulance and I’m still not well I can I look okay but I’m not and people knowing that about me that was like part of the Cure you know that there’s so much secrecy and shame it makes such a difference to know that there are people like me I feel like I can really call these guys my friends now we talk sometimes we take a piss and then sometimes when it’s bad we need to yeah yeah I said I can call these guys any time you know cuz they just know what I’m going through we don’t have to like be cheerful around each other we can just meet up and not even be very much it’s just nice to know that we know what we need it is pretty simple men killed themselves that’s why we need this you know we need this dis [ _ ] matters you know in some men you know things could go to pot and they want to take their life there’s they don’t think to you man call for help you know we we can take medication for our physical health you know why why should it be any different for our mental health yeah absolutely I mean I think this is the problem it’s as important for more important than your physical health it’s people are afraid to acknowledge it yeah what we’re saying is no one’s beyond that help and and maybe if us who are coming out and sharing this if that makes one person admit that they need help as well then then it’s all worth it our book what is psychotherapy tells us exactly what going through therapy is like and why it is so important you

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