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Hello Hi I miss you How are you? actually, my mom was saying you should come over next time and For a visit that I think it’d be really fun. Yes they just want to meet you this time. Mm-hmm You okay? Yeah, I’m just tired okay um Remember I said we were going to get the ferry over But we went over all the days. yeah. I think I’m gonna have a nap actually why don’t we do this afterwards? Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. Are you not feeling well? No, I’m just tired. Okay, yeah, all right. Yeah. Yeah, sure if you have a sleep and Mommy, where did I put my card for daddy? Don’t be silly. I told you before you’ve already put it on top of the TV. They’re going round another “A” What do you think ? already good but we could put dots all around. He must have got the wrong train into Charing Cross And this one at 45 past I guess if you left your aunt’s house at three you would have been here by may be half… Why does Johanna have such weird earrings? Does she? What’s weird about them? Why does Daddy want to live so far from us? Oh.. We’ve talked about this one, please don’t start again Here give me your plate, You must be starving. No! Don’t! I don’t want to start anything before he comes. Ryan! No! Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! come back here please don’t speak to me like that Ryan! Ryan? And shortly after that dad and Joanna, moved to America, so I’m sorry you went through that But I can totally see why you’re not so keen about people leaving. I’m sorry I didn’t make you like a welcome home sign. I think I could probably do without one maybe So.. do you want to see my photographs from my holiday? Oh..? How about this idea, right? How about you go and run yourself a nice warm bath and in the meantime I’ll cook us some red delicious foods and welcome home dinner and then after it, we can uh look at the photos together on the sofa. That sounds perfect. Can we have cheesecake? Okay Thank you for watching, liking, and subscribing If you want more, why not visit us in person and attend a class? Or take a look at our shop at the link on your screen now

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