What Children Teach Us About Love – Free Ebook

[Music] on this one we put numbers to all there’s some trees in here [Music] you hungry for broccoli – hmm oh my God look how much food he leaves him on Saturday he ate through one piece of chocolate cake one ice cream cone one pickle slice of Swiss cheese a piece of salami [Music] let’s begin hungry you ready for your food you hungry [Music] toothless pH did you renew the car insurance no I thought you were gonna do that we talked about this last night well I never said I was gonna do it your whiting me out I’m not winding you up why would you think that you always do this why is it always left up to me why do I feel like the only adult in this relationship you’re at home all day long with nothing to do and you can’t even do this one simple thing to help me out [Music] did you renew the car insurance before we get into that if you like a glass of wine sure Savion profitable yes please you want me to put some food on this one yes please yes some pasta how does that sound that would be great I’m sorry I didn’t do conch Wednesday no body’s just been a handful I think you didn’t get mostly yesterday he was just the morning attention you know I brought him food he threw stray on the floor No thank you whoa no no can’t be easy with buddy all day he can be a handful he should cut each other some slack no one in this house gets a sleeping [Music] which means they can like the teddy my pity [Music] please do comment like and subscribe and take a look at our shop for more from the School of Life you

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