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[Music] so baby mm-hmm why are you reading that what do you mean do you want to start swinging or something it’s know about swingers that’s such a difficult like way of looking at it it’s about love like Polly many memory love like many loves the idea that you can just love more than one person it’s not about swingers parties you can love more than one person yeah I don’t know but that’s like that’s what it’s talking about and I think that’s actually quite amazing Jeremy it’s quite generous instead of this idea that we could be fixated on like possessing one person and we’re a jealous all the time it’s actually probably a way more mature open-minded way of living our lives it just sounds a bit sleazy it’s not sleazy it’s the opposite it’s Noble this enlightened the premises that capitalism has taught us that lovers are objects we own rather than gifts we could share and so once we realized that we’ve been tricked into being possessive and jealous we can be elevated to a higher plane why’d you have to [ _ ] everyone you can’t just be friends with people so without [ _ ] everyone you see with some people and that can be an expression of love the highest expression of love okay let me get it straight then so you get to bang a select range of people Roisin gets to bang a select range of people and then you both justify it in terms of this salad of ancient Greek philosophy Buddhist thought and hippie nonsense and we’re meant to think that you’re going to be amazing and it’s hunky-dory and no one gets hurt and all the pain and agony that we felt in relationships is just a two thousand-year-old mistake that we’ve been making the whole time it sounds amazing how long do you give you relationship such a cynic no open your mind shut your legs I’m not being cynical I’m saying you’re just giving an excuse for not being able to commit to one person it does sound very interesting I think it’s beautiful really because I love Jason so much and yet suddenly there’s this huge space for honesty really but have either of you met anyone yeah yeah you have well no no but in a hypothetical sense you know there is time hypothetically no I knew it not like nothing proper but something like little tiny have you told Jason yes yeah well I haven’t told Jason but you know if he asks I’ll tell him because that’s what it’s about radical honesty so you and lo have had sex oh I knew I knew you were going to ask that and it’s really missing the point what so addictive I don’t think I don’t think I’m missing the point [Music] you can look at it look at it later this fight big Lou Everett I do later believe my pastor looks ready so so they’ve said that the project has to go through the man our office which means we could pick it up again in spring which is actually good for the guys in London because obviously Dayton that’s wrong baby you [Music] yeah I don’t know I think maybe I’m just too weak or insecure but I don’t know I love you and I don’t want to show you and maybe I do want to own you but if I can never sleep with anyone else for the rest of my life I think I prefer that than losing you and I don’t know maybe that’s normal maybe it’s not normal I don’t know no screw it it doesn’t work for us it doesn’t work for us love the books [Music] I love that guy sir I think you look a bit like him really yeah I mean he’s like a morbidly obese version you do that sometime someday so did anything happen with some you know look it’s all about it yeah mm-hmm-hmm we do oh there again stop this [Music] love is a skill that we can learn our relationships book calmly guides us with calm and charm through the key issues of relationships to ensure that success in love need not be a matter of good luck for more click the link now

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