Stay calm.

You know, I never actually thought about this, but I really need to type this since typing always calmed me down, even if only slightly. As you suspected, I typed this because, well, I’m feeling kind of nervous for no apparent reason, but I think I know why. I have this weird feeling that makes me want to hide with someone in a corner. Or it could be that I watched one too many horror movies, which god knows has scared the crap out of me. I mean, I just watched ‘Saw’ and it was pretty good until the masked guy popped up and I just jammed my eyes shut.

There’s no one in this house at the moment except for my brother who’s sleeping in his bedroom, door closed. For some reason though, when I strain my ears, I don’t just hear my breathing or his snores, I hear a pattering sound as well. I didn’t quite feel like checking where the noise came from, but simple dismissed it as my imagination. Just to make sure though, I glanced at the kitchen. While I glance though, I can’t help but feel someone is watching me from over my other shoulder; watching these exact words I am typing. I don’t quite feel like moving or typing anymore.

Oh god. The feeling I felt earlier was really bothering me so I turned around, but there was nothing. I swear I saw a piece of cloth fluttering for a brief moment then disappear though. I think I’m going to go type in my room. Come to think of it, it’s quite ironic how I, who absolutely adore watching horror movies, was feeling like this.

Hey why’s it so quiet suddenly? Wasn’t my brother snoring loudly just a second ago? No, he’s probably just stopped snoring. Yea, that’s – holy shit. Holy fucking shit. I’m not getting up. I’m gonna just stay here. If I get out of this chair, it’s going to follow me. It had a fucking pale face with black freaking eyes staring at me from the reflection on my god-damn computer screen. It’s getting dark. But its November now and all, but it shouldn’t be getting dark this fast. I think someone forgot to close the window. It’s kind of chilly. But why was the window open? I’m pretty sure I closed it. I think something’s coming closer. What if it already killed my brother? He’s not snoring anymore. I don’t think I can type anymore. I have to though. If I don’t it’s going to see I’m not doing anything and it’s going to come for me.

My fingers and arms are growing numb. I’m cold. I’m not getting up though. I think it’s breathing on me. Oh my god it’s beside me. Its head… I’m going to see its head soon. No… I have to keep typing. If I stop I’m not going to be able to stay calm. My chest hurts. It’s getting hard to breath. Oh no. The door is opening by itself. There’s creaking. Something’s reaching over my shoulder. I’m not looking. No. I’m not going to fucking look. Its face is trying to get into my view. Holy shit I can’t breathe. I don’t want to die. No. No. No no no no no. Help. I’m not looking away from the keyboard. Leave me alone.

Oh. Good.

I hear my brother. He came down and asked my where the cookies were. I’m so relieved. I’ll get back to typing in a minute, I’m going to turn around and tell my brother were it is. I’ll finish typing in a bit. Thank goodness I have a broryuoriawq

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