They’re Here, Because…

“And that’s because you’re a spoiled brat!” Says my mother… You know, it’s not great knowing that your parent’s last words toward you were pretty damn harsh. But whatever, you know? I got out of there, once and for all, so I wouldn’t have to deal with the crap-school, the crap-cops and so on… Just because I see what goes on when no one else is looking doesn’t mean that I’m insane. I didn’t wish this upon myself and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else. This…. This plague, it comes on daily, I start feeling sick and I… I see things, things that are hard at work trying to make me and everyone else miserable… I’ve seen them cause death, sickness, accidents, small injuries, a cut from the razor my father was shaving with. I wouldn’t call them imps, but some creatures that don’t like being seen. I think they like me for some reason… They like to smell me, I don’t like for them to be near me. They sometimes poke at my ribs and nod their heads or shake them and squabble amongst eachother.

Anyways, I wanted to tell anyone I can about how these little devils work… And how my mother’s and other’s stories have ended, because I’m sure that I don’t have much more time than enough to write this, they’re getting violent. After a while of looking at them and studying them they look kind of like little humans, only more violent and prone to pranks on us. When stepped on they’ll trip you, when their pranks are brushed off easily they’ll progress to more brutal ones. I’ve learned to avert their gazes more than I used to, because there’s ways to avoid even death if you know how these things work. They go for reactions from us, the more surprised we are the happier they are…

So for example, if you trip, and just keep walking, they’ll trip you when you’re carrying something heavy later, I’ve seen that happen a few times. Ugh, they’re getting matches to burn down my shelter, at least they can’t see me yet. Look, heed my words, if something small bad happens to you without explanation, you might want to provide a bit more of a reaction than you would think to… It may save your life, and look… I think I’ll be writing to the living from the dead here, so I’ll make this quick. Danny, I mean Dad, I love you, I always have and I’m sorry for not showing it. Brianna, you have my heart even in death, and no, I did not commit suicide, I know you think I was insane and all… But I don’t want you following in my footsteps into the world beyond either.

To my sister and cousins, I believe that Brianna and Eric should be married, I hope the kid grows up good, and that you guys can keep your life above the influence and on the path of your God. Ethan, I know for damn sure that you and I… And your brothers shared blood, stay proud of that. Now for the final part of this little testament of mine. My mother and I were in a fight, she claimed that I was a stubborn brat and that I was only “Seeing these things to get attention.” See, that’s where they got real excited… Kind of angered, but more excited, they knew that someone knew they were there and I got that horrible feeling again, she went to grab a kitchen knife from a drawer to finish cutting the fish and… That.. Those… Those little fuckers made her drop it and tripped her… She landed with the knife centered in her throat, I couldn’t take anymore of this, I had to take those bastards with me, I grabbed the knife and Slashed at a few of them… It didn’t work… Their bodies mended back together, but they were insulted and decided that I had to go with my mother, not before I could get to my room and lock the door, funny how weak the little things are all together.

But I couldn’t just stay there until they went away or I rotted, I had to run, I ran for days, I got away from most of them, but they’re scattered everywhere. The few that I tried to kill found me… Tried to kill me but I got away again, I created a small shelter against them… Used my fists and a couple of walls made from wooden poles to protect myself, they don’t like resistance, they got a little timid for a while, but then decided to dig me out, and they’ve created a… Cooking pit, I think it’s for me. They’ve realized that I’m not in the shelter… Okay, I’m going to face them, if anyone finds this, transport it back to 501, Quail Hill, Hamlet, NC. Thank you, and watch for signs. If you notice them… Try to spread this word, I know it sounds crazy… Probably because… I’m a spoiled brat.

Credit To: TerKoiz

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