The Wisdom of Space – Free Ebook

THE WISDOM OF THE UNIVERSE We will probably never be there ourselves. But in our imagination we should spend a lot of time there. These images are from NASA. Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter Mercury in orbit, 48 million miles from Earth The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51), 25 million light-years away The Sun as seen from Mars Earth beneath Saturn’s rings, 746 million miles distant View on the Sombrero galaxy, taken by the Hubble telescope We make everything bigger than it is in our imagination. It helps us through life’s frustrations When we hear: Our lines are all busy right now… Due to delays in arriving plane… Password not known… Cannot find WP58 port… We’re sorry to have to dismiss you … I think we should just be friends… Always strive to have an outside perspective on the problems of mortal life.

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