The Wisdom of Cows – Free Ebook

Strangely they live everywhere. You can’t tell what a cow is thinking, although it is definitely thinking about something. Cows look great in the fields. They easily go away. Cows are not selfish (nor scammers). If you look at a cow for five minutes, a tiny part of your peaceful soul will take root in you. His ears were “designed” by a comic genius. In addition, they carefully protect their dignity. Cows are a little bigger than you think. Cows never rebelled. They don’t harbor bitterness. A cow does not judge you: to her you are what you are. Cows don’t get restless. They seem to be shy. By the way, your breast milk is good for us. They don’t believe in politics. Cows do not experience moments of anxiety. Cows are not interested in what you think of them. Cows don’t go to the swamp because of their problems. Nothing you can do will entertain or impress a cow. Cows are very focused on the now (reality). Eat the cows moderately. Nature thanks you.

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