The Smileyman

It was a normal Friday night in Glasgow, Scotland. Clubs were clearly visible, the bright lights and the blaring noise dominating the night.

But with light, there was also darkness. There was one, almost abandoned, housing estate where nothing was there and everything was silent, almost as if a bubble had been wrapped around the derelict housing block. No one went there because it was so dark and eerie. Even during the day, a permanent grey cloud seemed to hang over it. Even the birds didn’t sing.

But tonight, someone was going there. A 12-year old boy called Jack, who had snuck out at 11 o’clock at night to go to this place with his friend, 13-year old Paddy.

The two boys climbed the rusted fence. Paddy had a flashlight, but due to low battery it was very dim. They followed the bush clearing to the housing estate, and it was pitch black. They emerged from the clearing to see a long row of blocky houses. In the eerie silence they walked towards an alleyway in between two of the houses. The flashlight wasn’t going to last much longer, and then they would have to entrust only the dim glow of a half moon to guide them. They went into the alleyway, Jack first. They found a dumpster, and looked at the ground to see a red substance had stained the ground, leaving a trail which led to behind the dumpster.

Jack checked it out, and immediately gasped with shock.
Paddy, taken by surprise, ran out of they alleyway.
“Its a dead body, oh my god, what do we do?” Jack screamed, barely squeezing the words out through his state of sheer panic.
Sure enough, a dead body lay there. Headless, it lay there. It had been eviscerated, disemboweled, mangled and cut up in every possible way.
Jack looked towards Paddy, expecting some form of reaction. But Paddy wasn’t listening. He was already too concentrated in what was behind Jack.

The knife cut into the side of Jack’s neck, and blood poured out, not the geyser that you see in the movies, but a steady pour down his neck, onto his shirt. Jack fell to the ground, motionless.
Paddy shone his dim light on the creature that had just killed his best friend. It had a black hooded shirt on, with long sleeves. On the shirt it had an upside down Illuminati pyramid symbol printed on it. Also printed were the words:

“Run, fight, but theres nothing you can do. You can be sure though, that Smiley is coming for you!”.
The creature also wore a pair of black jeans. But the most distinct feature, for certain, was it’s face. Blood red, as if someone had ripped the skin from it’s face, and slightly glowing blue eyes. The creature’s mouth was also fixed in a permanent yellow closed smile, which stretched almost up to it’s eyes.

But Paddy could only see it for a few seconds, and then his light completely ran out, shrouding the alley in complete darkness. His best friend’s body was dragged further in, and was swallowed by the darkness. Paddy covered his ears as the creature let out and ear-piercing fit of hysterical laughing.

Paddy dared to take a few steps into the darkness.

And then the creature took him.

With blinding speed, the creature rushed towards him, and stabbed Paddy in the neck, and held him up like a piece of meat. Paddy took one last gaze into the creature’s eyes. The creature once again laughed hysterically, but this time Paddy couldn’t cover his ears, and blood began draining from his ears as they succumbed to the pressure, and Paddy slowly and painfully succumbed all together.
The Smileyman had claimed it’s next victims. But they surely wouldn’t be the last.

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