The School of Life’s Retreat The Life House – Free Ebook

For centuries it was well known that the health of one soul required people to spend periods away from the city. Somewhere isolated, peaceful and spiritual. It is this impasse that explains why for centuries all the major religions built monasteries – beautiful pieces of architecture in quiet places. “The school of life” is a global organization commited to psychological health and well-being. Our headquarters are in some of the world major urban centers – London, Paris, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Seoul, Istanbul, but we have always longed to be able to help our audiences from around the world find some other peace of mind once offered by monasteries. It was with this in mind that “The school of life” got interested in the work of the great British architect – John Pawson, who has designed several monasteries, churches and places of contemplation. The result of our collaboration is now open – a beautiful secular monastic building in the middle of a deserted rugged valley in central Wales. The school of life´s secular monastery, that we call simply “The life house”. The Life House has three large bedrooms, each dedicated to one of the great ways that humans has over the centuries salt serenity. The literature room is entirely oriented to reading and has a carefully curated library, decked out with books we have choosen. Next comes the music room, equipped with a state-of-the-art music equipment and a selection of some of the best therapeutic, relaxing music of the world. Finally, there is the bathing room, a bedroom with a large sunken beth in it, with vistas on the Welsh countryside in all directions. The house includes a contemplation chamber, buried deep in the hillside, where you can sit alone and listen to water trickling into a fountain and collect yout thoughts and calm anxieties. The School of Life has always been dedicated to mental well-being. With the launch of our “Life House” we have taken the best lessons from the monastic traditons of old and updated them for the modern age. Do come and stay!

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