The Pleasures of Community – Free Ebook

the word community sounds odd and a bit disparity some pretty negative images tend to come to mind when we think about what other people are like without quite realizing it we drawn images fed to us by the media and that’s why we tend to think that most people are pretty violent driven by success and fame and not necessarily very pleasant it breeds an urge to stay at home and make private life for the center of things we associate happiness with standing out from the crowd with personal happiness the nuclear family and business success community feels like it’s for losers the individual is king there are some weird moments a big sporting event an election day extreme weather like a big snowfall and we might make a discovery as basic as it’s absolutely crucial most people are very nice they’re interested in small things they’re mild and moderate they’re funny they’re kind they want to help despite some surface differences they’re like you a painfully exciting idea comes to mind if we could more regularly generate communal moments meet people hang out in groups we wouldn’t have to imagine that the whole world was so competitive and so dangerous we wouldn’t have to be so guarded closed off suspicious we wouldn’t be so focused on our own love lives and all their issues we’ve allowed our worldview to be kidnapped by the media by narcissists and sociopaths we’ve allowed our sense of what’s normal to be shaped by newspapers and television stations that make money from creating imaginary communities of monsters and pointing out everything that’s wrong and to be scared off we’ve allowed the kinder elements to seem like they’re the exceptions when it’s in fact for bad that’s the exception it’s time to change what happens on those special occasions is the truth other people aren’t strange or so different we can trust in community of course we need some special occasions some encouragement to come out of ourselves we’re still too shy at the moment we only know how to do it around sport or the odd other occasion but we should more regularly come together and learn how to do so we should ensure that the nicest buildings in every neighborhood are the community centers there’s a huge part of us that longs to live more collectively it’s hugely beneficial to be able to feel enthusiastic and committed to one’s whole society to feel reassured by membership of an admirable community collective pride takes the burden of self regard of the individual ego we don’t have to do it all ourselves we can belong to something better and sometimes greater than we are you

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