The Origin…

You hate your brother. Dylan is a jerk all the time. Any opportunity to annoy or ruin your life he’d take with both hands and run. And running literally. As soon as he’d managed to get you in trouble, he would sprint, leaving you to stew. He is always watching you. Trying to find out any embarrassing secrets to spread quicker than a disease through flesh. He once told everyone your favourite animal was a unicorn, and that same day, broke Mom’s favourite vase, and guess who he blamed for it? It’s so annoying. He’s always watching you.

You walk up the stairs to get a shower, you get a towel ready outside the curtains, and put all your clothes on the washing basket. You turn the water on, wait till the temperature is warm, and place you head under, water flying everywhere. You pull the curtains half closed, due to your paranoia, always thinking someone is behind it, watching you…

…hold on, someone IS watching you! It’s Dylan, holding his phone, about to take a picture! You yelp, but hear the click. The photo’s been taken.

“Now I can show everyone your small junk!” He sneers, and runs away.

You quickly turn off the shower, get a towel, and run to his room.

“Delete it now!” You growl.

“Oh I have.” He smiles sweetly. “But I bet Melinda won’t.”

“Melinda? The girl in your class?”

“Oh didn’t I say?” He sarcastically mocks. “I sent it to her, and I bet she’ll spread it to someone else, and they will spread it someone else…”

“I’m gonna tell Mom!” You cry.

“What proof? Photo’s gone remember?” He smirks.

You can’t believe this, this is the worst prank yet. You’ll have to go to school, everyone seeing the photo. You go to bed.

You wake up in the morning, and groan, today is going to be awful. When you get off the bus, you are greeted to mocking laughs. You sigh and hastily walk into the field.

It’s been 5 hours of non-stop mocking and laughing, feeling miserable and it’s finally last lesson, science. You are doing a methane gas production experiment. Although you aren’t, you’re standing up with your hands in your pockets, you couldn’t do this experiment. You had been pre-occupied and not paying attention, ignoring all the spiteful comments around you. You manage to do this all lesson, until Mr. Monney (the science teacher) looks at you.

“What happened to your experiment?” He asks you.

“I, uh, didn’t do it sir.” You admit.
“Well.” He smiles. “You can do it after school today then.”

The class cackles cruelly at your punishment. Your heart sinks. You want to go home as soon as possible.
5 minutes later, you’re alone in the class with Mr. Monney, grumpily fiddling with the experiment.
“Unfortunately I can’t leave you un-attended.” He starts from the doorway. “So Mr. Franklin will watch you.”

You sigh, Mr. Franklin was the old, overweight, Spanish caretaker. He waddles in, hating this as much as you. You peer down the vial in your experiment. You’d make Dylan pay for this; you’d get your revenge. You’d get back at all the crap he’s done to you. Get even, one day. You peek at Mr. Franklin. He’s pulling out a cigarette, and is about to light it.

“Sir, teachers don’t allow smoking.”

“I am teacher.” He grunts in his deep, strongly Spanish voice. He raises his lighter to the tip of the cigarette.

You remember! Methane is highly flammable!


But it’s too late; a huge, flaming fire ball leaps out of the air, the flames licking at your flesh. It’s hard to describe, the fire is rushing through you, the intense heat overwhelming. You can feel your skin melting, and dripping off, your limbs becoming weak, your muscles and skeleton exposed.

The accident had removed you of most your skin and muscle leaving bitty, dangling remains of flesh off you. You were presumed dead, but you aren’t. You are watching your house from a distance. The pain you went through was all Dylan’s fault! Your body wasn’t found, because you escaped. Although the anatomy of the situation was impossible, you should have died, every agonising moment as you crawled away, was a reminder of your hatred towards Dylan. Inch by painful inch, you managed to live.

You’ll get revenge; you’ll do everything he did to you. You’ll watch him in the bathroom., tell everyone what his favourite animal is, you might break something and say it was you! And there’s NOTHING, HE CAN DO TO STOP YOU, AND GUESS WHAT?



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