The New Year

New Year’s night is a time of bliss and celebration
Joy to one and all, but one for the duration
But all through the night till the morning after sedation
The lowly eyeball man finds a different sort of elation

Ragged clothes and face bathed in shadow
A thousand eyes of empty sorrow
No nose no ears and no mouth to swallow
But he sees and he knows and he devours what he follows

In the icy winter night a handful of eyes do glow
On a black decayed street your fate they sow
A hundred blinking empty eyes and all that they know
An unforgiving moon watched by a thousand dead eyes below

When you and your friends are out having fun
In the cold and black his plan is spun
In the wet and the dark nobody has yet outrun
The eyeball man faceless in the midnight sun

But if you stay out late into the night
Walk home not by the sparse ambiguous moonlight
Stay under the glowing lamps but in spite
You may not be in luck tonight

The eyeball man might follow you home
Slip in with you from the night he roams
In the sodden streets and the hanging brome
It’ll all be over once it’s just you and him alone

So this New Year let this be a warning to one and all
From the sparse green country to sombre the urban sprawl
Do not walk at night while only melancholy moonlight falls
If you wish for a lonely peculiar death to be forestalled

Credit To – CreepyZalgo

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