The Message Warning

It was in the last day of the year 2015 in which we received our message. We were preparing for a New Year’s party, and we were cleaning out the attic. We thought there’d be chairs.

What he thought instead was a cassette tape player; it was, no doubt, from at least the 80s.

My sister was the one to find it. I was the one to press play. Neither of us had any idea of how to work the thing; pressing play hadn’t helped. My sister realized the volume was down and turned it up. Unfortunately, we had one more issue. It was slow beyond recognition.

I left the attic by this time. We didn’t have time to fix an old cassette player. My sister, on the other hand, stayed.

I started getting ready for the party we were throwing for New Year’s Eve, and continued my work for at least an hour until I realized my sister had not come down to help me yet.

“Rachel! You okay?” I called. There wasn’t a response. I called again.


Frightened something could’ve happened, I ran up to the attic. I opened up the door and found her listening to the cassette tape.

“Rachel! I thought you were hurt. Why didn’t you answer me?”

She looked up to me with a blank stare and a glimmer of fear.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, “I got the player to work, see?”

Yeah, I see. But we need to get ready. In 15 minutes people are going to be showing up to the party.”

“Hold on,” she said, fumbling with the player.


“Listen to this.”

“No! Didn’t you hear? People will be coming soon.”

I assessed the situation. I could finish getting ready for the party alone. Rachel clearly wasn’t going to be much help.

“Fine then.” I left the attic and ran around the house, fixing a table, getting snacks.

When I finished, the doorbell rang almost as I put the last bag of chips on the table. The party was going well. Around 11:45 the most people arrived. We were all excited for New Year’s.

What would the future bring?

The best moment only lasted a few moments. This was because my sister ran down the stairs to call me into the attic. Her face was pale. I went upstairs.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Listen to the tapes,” she commanded.

The tape played:

“Case 205A, James Edmund Brown of the Charles Millennium Asylum. Certifiably insane. He claims he’s from the future.”

“Hello? Hello!” another voice in the tape called, presumably James Edmund Brown.

“Hi. I need to send a message. I could tell you about all other kinds of catastrophe, but I need to warn you about ‘The End.’ This isn’t some terrorist attack. This isn’t some war. Heck, this isn’t even what I’d call a natural disaster. This is an unstoppable event, unless we can find some way to prevent it from ever happening.

“Let’s see… I’m from 2016. And it just happened. Like clockwork. First we heard the booming. Then, at exactly midnight, the meteors came. We literally never even saw them coming. They just appeared out of nowhere.

”The thing I’m most scared about is whenever someone finds this message. Hopefully, it won’t be too late. The universe just works like that; sometimes something is just meant to happen. With hope, dear listener, you may not just find this tape the same day ‘The End’ happens.

“Please listen. Whatever you’re doing, just stop. Try to leave. There’s no point in making a shelter—you’ll die anyway. I’m not even sure how I’m still alive. Please, just–“

The tape ended.

Rachel looked at me, with fear in her eyes.

“Rachel. We’ll be fine. Wasn’t this guy in a mental hospital or something?”

“But what is this tape doing here? And I thought I heard loud bangs!”


“James Brown mentions ‘booming’ in his explanation of his ‘end.’”

“I heard them too; they were just fireworks. It’s New Years Eve. Of course people will be celebrating. This is why you’ve got to stop watching the Sy-Fy channel.”

“I don’t know.” She seemed calmer. By the time we got down the people were already slow dancing to “Forever Young.” It was 11:59 when the house shook. Everybody screamed until one of my friends calmed all of them down.

“It’s just an earthquake,” my friend said.

Rachel was the only one still screaming. She ran outside. I yelled her name and followed her to the door. She left the house, and when I got to the door I found her out in the street.

My watch beeped. It was 12:00. Like clockwork, the stars fell. Meteors.

We found out what the future would bring. And we were horrified.

Credit To – Fumbles Powers

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