The Mannequin

June 1st 1922

Dear Journal,
Today my mother bought a mannequin for me to put my products on in the store window. It is unusually heavy for a mannequin, but a mannequin nonetheless. I am thankful for it as I believe it will attract more women to my dress shop.

June 5, 1922

Dear Journal,
I was working at the shop today when an alarmed customer told me the mannequin was staring at her. This is strange as the mannequin has no eyes. Just a blank face. I went to check out the mannequin and it did feel like it was staring at me with intensity. Strange.

June 6, 1922

Dear Jounal,
Today the owner of the haberdashery next door went missing. Sad as we were good friends. It also seems that my mannequin has gone missing. It must be in the back.

June 7, 1922

Dear Journal,
I found my mannequin. Some horrible person dressed him in the clothes of the haberdashery owner and placed him back in my window! I am now a suspect for murder of the poor man!  Murder!  This is completely atrocious! I cannot wait until he is found!

June 15, 1922

Dear Journal,
Today they declared the poor man dead. I am the prime suspect for his murder. I am so scared! Why do the police think it was me!

July 1, 1922


July 3, 1922

Someone ripped a whole page out of my journal! To replace that page I will sum up the end of the month. My sister is missing. Again some cruel murderer put the clothes on my mannequin! My customers continue to tell me story’s of the mannequins staring, and now moving positions to face them. I am going to take the mannequin down and sell it, it’s scaring away customers.

July 4, 1922

You  regret this

July 5, 1922

Something is happening. The mannequin was moved back into its window. I hear people knocking on my door at night, my window has been cracked. I’ve not yet found a customer for the mannequin. I sent in an advertisement to the news but someone replaced it with the words “No no no no no no!”

July 10, 1922

My mother! She has gone missing! Everywhere in the shop I go the mannequin stares! My poor mother! Where is she?

July 17, 1922

Her clothes! My mothers clothes ON THE MANNEQUIN! I can’t believe myself it took me a week to notice! I may be crazy but, I think it’s the mannequin!

July 18, 1922

This journal was one of the items found in the home of the missing Mary Stanfield. Her clothes were found on the mannequin in the front of her shop. The mannequin has been sold to a new owner in the city of New York.

Credit To: G.Sturgis

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