The Horrors of Jealousy – Free Ebook

no no what’s the matter nothing are you sure we didn’t get off what’s wrong no I’m swinging about the party yesterday it was good wasn’t it it was fine why what’s wrong well you took a shine to that architect guy didn’t you what Steven that guy in the leather jacket well I don’t know his name do I because I wasn’t introduced to him oh sorry I didn’t know I was real personal party chaperone well interesting was he good conversation like it was flowing full of adjectives and verbs and I can stir why is he gonna lever jacket on anyways boiling in the house maybe he came on a bike but are you jealous because I had a conversation with someone is that what this is about oh my god it is isn’t it well variously well it’s different like it was it all the way around and I’m talking to some fit sultry girl in the corner and clearly I’m in a better time than around with you for the past month like a blast tall him off to Disneyland or something that it’s not how I looked and then every time you look over I’m looking back at you just like like no don’t injure oh my god that is not what I was doing exactly are you looking that it’s not I’m sorry but you don’t own every single second of my life if I go swimming with Kate you don’t get like this if I get pissed with Jeana you don’t turn into a nutter so I’m sorry what is the difference is obviously different no I had a conversation with a man at a party it’s not like I’ve left on the back of this guy’s bike and I’m definitely not right now it’s not about the bike I’m here with you because it’s where I want to be sometimes I’m not really sure why it’s not where of can leather jacket for god sake what’s up what you mean what’s up what what Melanie yes Melanie no no way you were staring at her tits for like the whole night how could you tell if I was staring at a tissue give us out of the room I could have told if I was on the other side of the [ __ ] planet it was so obvious – honey he was you

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