The Grounds Keeper’s Shed

Everyone knows me,
No one knows my name,
I am well liked,
but not close to fame,
My heart was broken,
and I died in the rain,
I became a ghost,
Sid was my name,

That night I walked to school,
I climbed to the top,
I had to do this fast,
So I wouldn’t get caught,

I looked over the edge,
Thought of why I was sad,
I couldn’t die now,
I was only a lad,

It was stormy that night,
The wind pushed me over,
I tumbled all the way down,
And I landed in the clovers,

I lay laid there for a while,
I could see the ground keeper’s shed,
My eyes grew very heavy,
As I bowed my head,

From that day on,
I could not leave,
I then grew lonely,
So I started to deceive,

If I’m stuck her forever,
I might as well have friends,
So I started to plot,
This problem I would mend,

I lured children’s playthings
Into the ground’s keeper’s shed,
To collect some friends,
Children must become dead,

After I collected some friends,
The town grew suspicious,
They all had thought that,
The Groundskeeper was vicious,

The town strung him up,
“It wasn’t me,
I swear it was not I!”,
He screamed hoarsely,
The moment when he died.

The townsfolk thought their kids were safe,
They could never be so wrong,
The accidents kept on happening,
It was me all along,

Through the years and accidents,
The school was shut down,
But that will never stop me,
Until I collect all the children in town,

They demolished the school,
But the shed is still there,
In an overgrown field,
I wait to ensnare,

They say in the evening,
You can still hear the creak,
of the grounds keeper’s shed,
I can’t wait until we meet.

Credit To – kanti_sama

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