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ladies ready this way I’m scared don’t be scared Martin just remember the company values integrity kindness prompt delivery we’re on our way to victory JA I have been in logistics for 15 years and that was a fantastic battle fought with bravery we got to the other side of the room and we hit all our targets why are we here why do we do this why did she have to die why demands have to die for this just so you could get your bonus what was the purpose of all of this you you okay so the whole thing is pretty simple just yeah just go into the software back-end and then you type xwk wk1 and then you move the cursor to the left and you find a little widget called about then you go in and type in the input data there after you download the incoming overnight figures put them through the algorithm then you’ll need to get something to feed into Excel ready for the presentation tomorrow get it can you just um can you just go over that glass just can you just do that last bit which bit just the typing bit um honestly you know I’m really busy I’ve got a conference call with Germany share with us overseas yeah biggie you’re a bright spot you’re all right when you get to know ya why don’t you download the help manual it’s all in there you’ll be fine okay I love it when an employee just gets it like that that’s cracking you for doing anything nice for the weekend and and figures July where are they what month is it yeah I need July figures by June don’t I guys this this is what I’ve been saying about have a like all this time you leading me into having a breakdown Hey right July figures in June [Music] that there is my office take some people call it the pressure box that’s more like it it is dog-eat-dog out there scrapper Sharkey bloody shark it’s not good enough it’s not good enough we please pull together the fire drill Tuesday it’s not a test [Music] you guys okay guys listen up Linda Linda Linda okay Thursday creative day so let’s all get our creative juices flowing dan from finances actually done a little bit of a talk for us he’d like to called Sebastian today but if we could all head into the room please guys everyone come I’ve got a few phone calls to make this morning yeah ignore the phone calls it’s fine call Martin you try your best today I said grab a seat guys have a seat so to channel my creativity so we’re more empowered human beings we’re going to channel our inner animal so you’ve got an animal in front of you great hives already put on the the kinky crocodile Martin do you want to find your Tiger the grass the savanna grass is brushing your side flanks you see an antelope how does that make you feel don’t vocalize it just kind of act it that’s good that’s brilliant yeah well done boss right okay that’s it guys seriously let’s get back in there you know those phones are gonna answer themselves actually there is quite a few calls on your desk over a little bunches but thank you guys thank you guys same time next week remember Friday fire drill okay snot test it’s a real one you

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