The Enigma

Do you hear it? That near silent thump, thump, thump that can be heard when all else is quiet? No? Listen, strain your ears for the slightest sound. Do you hear it now? That is the heart beating in the chest of the Warden. He watches, always he watches, looking for that one moment of weakness, waiting to strike. Do you hear it yet? Don’t turn around. If he sees your face he’ll know your fear. Then he will strike.

Before I go any further you must know something; the Warden does not exist. The mind is a very curious thing you see. Two fears grew in your mind just now; the fear of hearing the thumping, and the fear of not hearing it, even though it is there. So in order to protect yourself you heard something that was not there. What power the mind possesses, that it can create sounds! But it is more than that. There is a darkness in the mind of every human being. It lies trapped in the darkest depth of our souls. For the most part the darkness sits, reaching out into your mind, spreading its influence. You have probably heard it, edging you on, telling you to steal, to hurt, to kill. But more then anything else this darkness, this evil, seeks a shape. And while your brain, fearing the existence of monsters and demons you read about, begins to create them. From that creation the darkness takes its form.

Listen, do you hear that? The thumping is back. The darkness has found its shape. Maybe you will be lucky. Maybe all you hear is sound. But if the darkness has escaped then you will be dead before you even reach your light switch.

Credit To: The Watcher

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