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please leave your message after the tone hey mom it’s Luke just trying to get a hold of you again there’s some really exciting news I’ve actually got a meeting now with a brand new agent and they’re they’re really big like nationwide miss you bye my name is Luke I’m a star comedian I’m just I’m looking just for some some work basically right I really need live work because of the minute I’ve got a lot of death and I’ve had like some really bad gigs recently where you know just not a lot of people coming my family at the minute are basically ashamed of me you know I’ve I’ve got to make this work yeah I have a CV I just wrote out this is just some of the things so yeah I was the genie and a pantomime tour that’s 2007 accents I do African and Welsh which means I should be you know good for a lot of places yeah no I’m sure you are I’m just really we don’t recruit for them kind this I mean where could you get me um it would be more kind of right so that’s like like more corporate gigs yeah type thing and what would what would I do that like 20 minutes or I’ll write the material you just need to get just get me in the door and then no I know it’s not really tell me yes I wouldn’t be able to kind of get you in as a comedian it would be doing an administration that’s my main skill yeah so that’s probably what they’ll want me to do right okay I mean this is like another way of doing it if I actually work in you know a role within a company and then everyone can go yeah he’s really funny let’s not have him working on the sales floor anymore let’s just make him our entertainment but that that’s probably that’s a way that we could possibly work together as much yeah get me a job just get me a job please I just need to get out there we’d have to do is have a proper CV very fast to work yeah that’s what that is yeah have you got an electronic badge I mean if you given like 50 P or something I could go to the internet cafe it just seems unfair me paying the 50 P of its own that you want when that’s there I didn’t cost me anything yeah try to create some kind of specialist agent none of them want me no that’s why I’m thinking if you ran the Comedy Store but didn’t say it was Luke McQueen said I’ll be representing Scott Scott blossom you know they go yeah change the policy yeah I think you could help me I really think you could help me dude yeah cool call The Comedy Store um I would have to have an electronic cook with the Seavey’s star can you give me 50 P I’m confident that if you can get me a job I’ll be able to find my audience in whatever job you can get me get money off your smoovies guys hey sounds like some swimmers you

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