The Angel’s Song

It was 11:00 at night, so I turned off the television, brushed my teeth and climbed into bed, securing the soft black covers over myself. For a few minutes, all I saw was darkness, and all I heard was silence, but then suddenly, I heard a sound. It sounded like a liquid gurgling sound, and it was coming from the backyard. I tried to ignore it, but it continuously got louder and more annoying, so I went out to the backyard in my sleep clothes to investigate the strange gurgling noise.

I couldn’t find anything, except the grass and the trees, so I decided that it was probably just my imagination. But then, it happened again. I tried to follow where the sound was stationed, and it led me to a stream, gurgling softly. The water was clear and pristine, not murky or brown like the water in the lake not too far from here. I felt an aching dryness in my mouth, and I began to grow incredibly thirsty for some reason, so I figured, what harm could it do? I cupped my hands to let some of the water flow into them, then I lifted my hands to my lips and drank the cool, sweet water. The water tasted like heaven, unlike any water I had ever tasted. Then, I decided to go back to bed, but my vision went fuzzy and I became numb at first, and then utterly blind and paralyzed. I fell to the ground.

I woke up to a song. Not like the songs you hear on the radio, performed by recording artists. No, this was a heavenly carol sung by an otherworldly beauty, an angel. I let the ambience of the angelic hymn wash over me like a soft rain in Spring, and each note took me higher, closer to heaven. The voice that sang this had a timeless melody, a vox that made Seraphim weep teardrops of gold. So enchanting, yet so haunting. As the song ended,
I lifted myself to stand in my exact spot for a few seconds, taking time to comprehend the beauty my ears had just witnessed. Then, I went back into the house to go to sleep.

Several times after, I drank the water from the spring, and each time, I heard the same melody, the same angelic hymn. I felt myself gradually becoming weary of mundane life and wished I could live forever in the eternal plane of heaven.

One day, I ventured out into my backyard to drink the water and listen to the song again, and the usual happened. The water tastes sweet. I passed out. However, the song I awoke to was not beautiful in any way, shape or form. It was a twisted shadow of the familiar angel’s song, a sort of sick, menacing incantation from the bowels of the abyss. The voice sang in distorted and unreal shrieks, the sounds of demons being tortured, and the overall song was so soulless, vile, and corrupt that it made me sick. I then realized that this….entity….was actually speaking in words, saying something. It said:

Demons! Demons! Come, attack!
Do not rest until this one is dead!

I knew danger was arriving soon, so I rushed back inside and grabbed my longsword my father gave to me. Armed and dangerous, I stood my ground at the backyard, slaying the most grotesque demons imaginable. They had putrid green flesh, blood and pus hemorrhaging from their mouths and eye sockets, they had glowing red eyes, and six-thousand tentacles. But I killed them all, triumphant against the creatures from the abyss. I victoriously strode back into the house to clean myself off in the bathroom, but my heart seemed to sink into my stomach when I saw my reflection:

I was one of them.

I knew what had to be done. I shakily raised the blade of the sword to my neck, and slit my throat in one swift motion.

August 5, 2011:

The body of the deceased, Shaianne [last name unmentioned], was discovered in the bathroom of her house. The major wound is located on the throat, and the murder weapon appears to be the longsword found on the floor. Several other corpses were found in the backyard.

Credit To: Shaianne

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