Survival of the Fittest

Ever get that feeling like something or someone is watching you?

It’s a human instinct, built from various evolutionary mechanisms. This first began to adapt to more primal humans whilst living in forests or other areas with a high volume of predators. Being able to sense that hunter, aside from using vision, sight or smell, became important over the years. I personally don’t believe in the five senses, I believe it’s a childish way of looking at and explaining something otherwise so complex. I believe that we have many more, including this perceptive sense of being hunted, or being watched.

Now that we are generally far more domesticated as a species, this ability no longer has quite the same useful application in detecting predators (though given a situation where we are stranded in some dangerous woods for example, we still do have it in us).

But this sense now generally applies to other things on an average, day to day basis for us. Perhaps for example, if someone, another human is hunting you, stalking you or is watching you. That can happen and it does happen plenty all around our dangerous, sometimes demented world, every day.

However, perhaps more commonly, whether we know it or not, we also have a sense for feeling other presences that the naked eye cannot detect. And this has also been the case in older, more primal civilizations; where shaman existed to give one example. This ability, or sense, has also evolved over the years and whether people want to admit that or not, it’s irrelevant, it’s just how things work. For example, many of us no longer need rituals to stimulate these sensory perceptions, we simply feel it and many people feel it all the time.

This sense also seems to be stronger in the next, upcoming generations on average. The younger you are as you read this, the better these senses likely are for you, if even just a little. Many people also shut these feelings out, depending on their mindsets and personality traits.

If you are above average in the traits of sensitivity, empathy or are highly observant, then chances are you can better tune-in to these senses. You have a large advantage, if you want to call it that.

That thing watching you as you sleep, staring at you as you are on your computer, as you eat your dinner alone, as you watch TV late at night… its presence, even if momentarily felt, is felt for a reason. It’s never purely imaginary, quit telling yourself that. We have these senses for a reason. That evolutionary trait is working as intended if you feel that sense run down your spine, through your body.

Your body understands that you’re not alone, your mind is then given an option in what to do with that information.

When we turn the lights out, this sense becomes stronger, just as all the other senses do. It’s not make believe. For example, the very primal, common fear of something standing over your bed as you sleep does not stem from nothing, it’s based on many, many generations of humans feeling that sense occur whilst in bed. It’s not a

Try and put it all together, have some wits about it.

There is a very good probability that there is something else with you there right now, looking at you, or at least sharing common space with you. I’m just saying this in a statistical sense, we all know that this sense goes off quite often, perhaps depending on how busy our day, who else is with us, where we are, how we feel and things of that nature. Many factors to it all, really, but at the end of the day anyone can tune into it to some degree.

If you’re alone right now, there is a much higher probability that this sense will trigger for you, just because of your mindset and because of how we are when we’re isolated–we’re so different, aren’t we? It is then up to your mind how to process that sensory input. You can choose these things to be as you want them to be.

Dependent on who you are, your mind may slip. And that is where we begin to see problems. The things watching us become dark and hostile in our minds. The bodies become misshapen and deformed, the intentions become disgusting. We are watched with malice now, through a spiraling, mocking, hateful gaze. They now emerge from the darkest, most satanic bowels of our minds, in where we all undoubtedly have some real estate. The entities watching us, whatever they may be, become one thing. Our greatest fears.

We let them become that.

The weak let them become that. Don’t be weak.

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