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There have been many myths surrounding the belief that corporeal beings are capable of crossing into our world from another plain of extistence, usually with utmost intent to wreak naught but havoc, and that is what causes the hound of fear to sink it’s teeth into mankind. But what if pain and suffering where not the weapons of such horrors? What if fear itself is what drives them into our realm, to feed, to be nourished?

Remember when you were a child? You were scared of monsters, or the dark, weren’t you? Where do those emotions come from? Is the human mind just built on evolution and common sense; that we associate the darkness and what we cannot see with what we do not know? Maybe fear of the darkness, or monsters, is just some anti-predatorial defense mechanism, an instinct, if you will. But what if I told you it was more sinister than that?

You’re probably wondering what corporeal beings have to do with this – no doubt you imagine ghosts and twisted figures with twisted facial features, but alas, they are just disturbing tales that rot one’s mind, although nevertheless, they do feed the creatures settled within the depths of human thought, and are therefore considered useful to the aim, as many human writers have embraced their fears and have had them made manifest in books, short stories (or creepypastas, as so many call them) and even movies and video games in order to live their worst nightmares. Yet unbeknownst to them, they are not just feeding a desire for such thrills, but are awakening a much darker power.

You feel that? You are shivering. You have come to realise the true horror that lies at the back of your mind and it is not of this world. You keep writing this and you know you shouldn’t but you cannot stop it, and with each letter, your heart sinks further into an emotional abyss. You will probably end up posting it on a social networking website or some creepypasta archive where many others will read it and relive the horror you are experiencing right now, as you realise the all too real, awful nature of this world. I can taste your fear Chris, it has… rejuvinated me.

Credit To: Christopher David Le Quesne

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