On the walls hung portraits of her family members who watched and made sure Evita didn’t cause any trouble when she was home alone. The same smile took over their faces in each one—the forced, wide, teeth-showing, nothing-can-ever-be-better smile—not exaggerated but fabricated.

The three friends were sitting on the floor, encircled by five lit candles, their hands resting on a Ouija pointer. It strafed to the left, slowed to a stop, and pointed at the letter “K”.

“S. U. C… K?”

Evita looked up at Daisuke, who concealed a smile and kept his eyes down. Claire was looking around the dark room.

“Suck? Screw you guys,” Evita said.

Evita often tossed dice and drew tarot cards to make her most important decisions. And tonight, while her parents were out, she’d dragged her friends over to invoke a spirit for advice on which college to attend.

“Wasn’t me,” said Daisuke. He stood from the floor and stretched toward the ceiling, then released his goofy smile on her.

“Right,” said Claire. “Then I guess it was the ghost, huh? Because it wasn’t me.”

The three friends exchanged quick glances, then broke into laughter.

“Whatever,” said Evita. “Screw you both. You know how seriously I take this stuff.”

The flames of the surrounding candles flickered.

“Anyways,” said Evita. “You guys have to get out of here, now. Parents will be home soon. They’d freak if they saw this.”

They got up and headed for the door. Evita opened it and smiled at them as they passed through.

“Good night, idiots” she said, and she slammed it shut.

Evita switched on the light and turned around, becoming aware of the room’s overbearing silence.

As she walked toward the candles and Ouija board, she felt as if someone were watching her. She quickly blew out four of the candles, and was about to blow out the last when she felt the Ouija board dare her to ask a final question, alone.

Evita never shied away from scary ventures, and she wasn’t about to start now. She placed her fingers on the pointer.


She took a deep breath.

“..will I die?”

The pointer shifted in tiny movements. Her heartbeat quickened as she desperately told herself that her nervous hands were causing it to move.

It glided, and pointed. First to the F, then the I, an R, and finally…


Evita heard a creaking sound behind her. As she spun around to see, she accidentally knocked the last candle over with her left hand. No one was there. Only a picture of her family, smiling.

Credit To – Chong Gong

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