Darkness, though not complete darkness, surrounds you. A full moon shines through the treetops and slightly illuminates the fog  surrounding you. The flashlight you were holding has flickered out. You look around frantically, fear swarming your insides.  Surely someone would have noticed you missing from the campsite. All the bravery that had convinced you to try and see what you had caught a glimpse of earlier has vanished and you are all alone. Your imagination starts to wander as your heart rate rises. You hear a twig snap somewhere near you, and all the stories that had been told  around the campfire rush to your mind all at once. Especially the one your brother had told… What was the name of that creature? … He has no face. Another twig snaps in the distance. No eyes, no mouth, no nose. You madly search your surroundings, but it is impossible to see anything in this fog. He supposedly lives in these woods, but that is only a story, right?

Your thoughts escape you when you see the outline of a figure, but this is no man. This person is quite obviously a female. She is wearing a black dress that seems to hug her, yet flow around her all at once. You see her eyes glistening in the moonlight. Gorgeous shining eyes. You are unable to look away. Why had you been so scared? Comfort fills you as you walk towards her. There is something off about her, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. There is calmness filling your body like a drug. When you are within feet of her, you notice what it was that was peculiar about her. Those beautiful eyes are a dark, midnight, soulless black, yet you still are captivated by them, unable to look away. Fear starts to burn again in the pit of your stomach, but it is instantly put out, like a fire doused by water. You try fighting this calmness, but your will power escapes you as you drown in this amenity. Why would you ever want to leave this gaze?

What you do not notice is her mouth.. or lack thereof, rather. You are so far gone that you do not even realize that she is completely bald. Her entire body except for her inky black eyes is a smooth, alabaster white. You have stopped walking, yet you still seem to be moving towards her, or floating better yet. Towards her, towards her eyes, until all at once everything is black, just as black as those eyes that had lured you. Then there is  nothingness. In an instant, you cease to exist.

“Who is this woman of the night?”, one might query.
She is everything, yet she is nothing. She has no soul, yet she owns millions. She is comfort, yet she is fear. She was created by a creature of death, so that he could have something to love. So again, she is death, yet life, and hate, yet love.

She is Slenderwoman.

Credit To: Lyn

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