Typing this as we speak is burning my mind. He doesn’t want me to tell you. ‘His’ name is the Manipulator . You’ve seen him. You know you have. But you don’t want to remember. You’d rather condemn it to the back of your mind. He’s a tall, dark figure. Pure black. And eyes a bright shade of orange. You’re remembering him. You’re trying to fight the urge to do so, but you can’t. And now, you’re head is burning up. Same as mine. Don’t let him influence you, keep thinking of him. You’ve noticed a change in your sleeping patterns. It’s because he exists within your head. Here are some signs to look out for in case he’s controlling you. But, beware, he’ll attempt to make you shrug them off, but please remain focused on what I tell you.

At first, you should notice you are making choices that wouldn’t regularly be your own. For example, increased frequency of angry outbursts, ability to overlook things that would otherwise disturb you. And a lack of bravery when confronted with any task.

Later, you should start to think violent thoughts, towards people you wouldn’t dream of harming, along with a sudden dislike for all things red, green and yellow. The reason for this is unknown.

Following this, you will begin to a suffer from intermittent and potent bleeding from the eyes and nose. This is the most discernible symptom. But he will conjure a rational explanation up in your mind, forcing you to ignore it.

And finally, the Manipulator will course sad and insane thoughts through your brain. Making a mental list of reasons why you should end your own life, and make you feel as if you concocted it yourself.

Please, please, if any of these symptoms are spotted, use everything in your power to block him out. Ignore him. He can’t harm you if you deny him his only weapon. And pray. Hope for a miracle.

Although, I fear, I am not long for this world, seeing me as a threat, he will attack my mind at the only time I can’t defend it. In my sleep. By this time tomorrow, I will be dead. My brain put in overload. Think of this as a parting gift. From me to you. A warning of his indoctrination. Please. Spread this as much as you can. Stop him claiming any others. Good Luck, friend. Good luck…

Credit To: Matthew Lang, 14

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