Should You Complain to Your Parents About Your Childhood – Free Ebook

I’m realizing more and more about why I am

the way I am from when I was really little and I could hear my mom and dad

Arguing like about money or something

I can’t talk to them about that because all they want to talk about is how tender the chicken is

That’s the idea of a deep chat

You know every single time we’re eating someone who variably comes out of a comment about the tenderness of the meat

Mom was depressed and I

never really focused on that, but it’s

Clear that she was and I think that man if I had a problem that it was always a problem too much

I know it dad were arguing all the time, which obviously doesn’t help things

I think that’s why I have these issues with

Confidence and this whole like background of shame all the time and probably why I do this

OCD type stuff and explains drinking and explains drugs like

Huh, chicken’s very tender — extremely tender

We’re not talking about something other than the food

‘Cause I come here every Sunday and we eat and all we talk about is the food

I’ve been reading this a lot and I think it explains

a lot about why things keep going wrong why I can’t

Start a new relationship why works all over the place?

It’s because I haven’t received that bedrock of human love that everyone needs. Like — Darling.

Anyone for more vegetables

This is why I think me and Alice broke up in the end– Alice?

What are you bringing her in for?– I could open a bottle of wine if you prefer

If I just had that confidence… — Confidence?

What’s that got to do with anything? — Would you like some more ice cream? — I’ve started to see a therapist

Why not a magician next? — God mum, it’s not the Middle Ages. It’s a normal thing to do

It’s just good to have someone to actually talk to about how are you feeling you charge him?

Have you been fishing anymore this month, Ian? — No, I don’t mean that


Your Aunt Sarah was here the other night, her eldest just got into University

I’m not saying these things to be mean. Well, maybe you should think about it before opening your mouth

I just think it’s good to have a

some like constructive non blaming conversation about the way you feeling

Listen, I forgot to tell ya

Now put plenty of vegetables in here — Yup — Man, make sure you eat them you’ll get a bit slim

I will do — You getting enough?

Yes, yes

Hey man

Yeah, yeah it was okay sort of

Yeah, we talked but we just didn’t really talk about that kind of stuff, like I

Just feel it’s probably not conversation I’m gonna have with my parents

Yeah, probably better if it’s just me and you and therapist and you know that

Mm-hmm did get some pretty good chicken though

very tender

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