September 2016 Discussion Post: Creepypasta Bounty Game

This month, we’re going to do something slightly different – rather than just a simple discussion, we’re going to play the Kill or Capture game. Credit goes to Jhe for suggesting this game ages ago!

Basically, if you are unfamiliar with how this works – you consider a Creepypasta character, and then discuss what would be the ideal bounty for them if you were in charge of some theoretical Creepypasta policing agency – would you want them brought in dead or alive?

As a more explicit example: if you were putting a bounty on Jeff the Killer, would you want him brought in alive (capture) or eliminated (kill), and why would you make that choice?

The way that this will work best – I think – is if we have one comment thread per Creepypasta “character” and everyone replies to that first comment with their bounty verdict.

So, for example, I’ll make a comment that just says “Kill or Capture: The Rake” and that’s the comment you’ll want to reply to with your bounty choice for The Rake:

Obviously, you can reply to other people within each character’s thread as well for further discussion.

I’m going to go through and drop thread starting comments for the Creepypasta characters that we have tags for, but beyond that – if you want to discuss a Creepypasta character that hasn’t yet received their own thread in this topic, feel free to start the thread yourself! Just try to avoid repeats – make sure the character you want to discuss doesn’t already have a thread before you create a new one!

I hope that this explanation was clear enough, but really – don’t worry about it too much. This month’s post is about having fun!

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