Secret Thoughts: The Marriage – Free Ebook

Secret Thoughts: Marriage Man! look at them I think I’m in love with her. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to marry her. Why else would she be sitting here? That is destiny. She’ll either be my wife or this is just a cruel prank. I haven’t seen a woman like that since 2006. I didn’t say anything at the time and have regretted it ever since. I would love to ruffle her hair and travel to India with her. She would love it there. She would get a beautiful tan. One day she would blame me for something. I would be annoyed about it and give mean contraindications. Slowly I would ruin her life. And she mine. From that point of view it’s probably better not to even try I love her too much. I don’t want to be the one who spoils everything for her. Let someone else disappoint her. It’s best if I just say nothing at all.

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