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I mean darling I just would never ever have predicted this I mean onion was down to the last 1010 and there was some serious competition but I just never for a moment thought oh sorry that must be James paladin olives well though next to the artichoke hearts where they always are the package is absolutely fabulous I mean it’s almost double what I’m on now but you know me darling it’s not about that it’s more to do with the fact that I’ve always wanted to work in a place where it goes beyond the surface you know but it’s not just about me being an attractive young woman it’s not just about the double first from Oxford it’s not just about the famous judge father it’s about me about what I’m really truly capable of what company she bring to this company the headquarters are in Mayfair but which is fine but they have got branches in New York and also Seoul it’s not the West Coast darling I know but sometimes you just got to take the rough with the smooth I mean it did not go down well with Dermott & Co and to be honest it was quite embarrassing because they were just chucking all these offers at me being like you want us to double the package do you want a new office do you want to travel more and I’m like no guys I love you and I’m sorry but sometimes you just gotta move on in life and for me that times now okay gorgeous so nice to see you promise me you’ll come and see us in Suffolk we just have the tennis courts resurfaced they are fab and I know James would love a rematch why I see you right you you

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