POP CULTURE Taylor Swift’s Legs & Climate Change – Free Ebook

a major release of the Antarctic Ice Sheet recently melted and fell into the sea the planet is in profound trouble environmental organizations keep trying to get us to notice a few people care a lot but strangely and shamefully most people are much more concerned with other lesser things in an average week worldwide there are nearly a million articles about Taylor Swift and many of them are focused on her legs feelings way and there are just 30,000 articles about those Antarctic ice sheets Swift’s legs are lovely in ways that seem to defy description somehow they look ordinary yet perfect their long yet not freakish they seem unbound by their implausible length both utterly firm and yet yielding and soft people who take global warming seriously tend to get apoplectic at this point they’re not wrong while delightful Taylor Swift’s legs are of zero significance in comparison with the fate of the planet nobody should profit from rising temperatures seas flooding human suffering poverty caused by the burning of fossil fuels do you think the cats know that you’re Taylor Swift there was a point where Meredith she was the first cat that I got she got and I post pictures of her on Instagram and stuff and she was a really beautiful kitten um so she became named like the year-end top celebrity pet I think on some level she knew because she changed after that but getting angry at our fascination with the thighs of a singer is counterproductive in a democracy we cannot be collectively dragged into being more responsible through guilt and for a very simple reason we don’t have to pay attention if those who care about the Arctic melt are going to get angry bitter and stern they’ll just be ignored we’re putting carbon dioxide in the air at a prodigious rate and the world’s getting warmer and you can know this by looking at the neutrons in the ice we are inducing a sixth mass extinction event kind of by accident the problem is we really do need to do something about that ice but a starting point has to be indulgence towards the ways our minds work we’re interested in Taylor Swift’s legs not because we’re evil but because our minds are wired up in unhelpful ways if people are going to be interested on mass in the defrosting polls we need to take off fragilities onboard and therefore get serious very serious about trying to make important news not just important but also beguiling almost as tempting to hear about as Taylor’s legs the urge to nag is very understandable the problem is it’s never effective it will work for a small number of people but for most of us it’s just off-putting we instinctively resent being told that we’re stupid and heartless when we’re just Harris we’re already doing our best to be decent people there are so many serious things we need collective persuading about to date high minded people have largely attempted to motivate people by guilt they need in the future to learn to charm us into goodness me standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset babe red lips and rosy cheeks say you’ll see me again even if it’s just pretend

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