Our Fantasy Lives – Free Ebook

the gun turns out later it was plastic races down the aisle towards the cockpit I stick my leg out he’s down I’m on top then five other passengers jump on him too I’m a hero I’m on chat shows I tell my story well I hint at broader issues I’ve got views about security the economy the environment the PM invites me to lunch people are listening to me it’s a pivotal moment every one time I meet Mark Zuckerberg we get talking he’s got this idea he’s wondering if it could work I encourage him frenetic times we cut a deal I’m sitting on a good chunk of Facebook shares I get up an hour earlier in the mornings sit in my dressing gown at the kitchen table with a mug of tea I used to want to write a novel now I’m actually doing it all my observations of people over the years are going into it this is what I really think and feel the atmosphere at dawn the sadness of childhood I’m writing hard my agent really loves the manuscript Dave Eggers has written a brilliant blur I’ve just heard it’s on the book a long list the guys at work are not going to believe it I’m introduced to Keira Knightley she looks me in the eye we smile there’s a connection she’s lonely I understand her one day she drops by the office I’m very modest about it she tells me what she really feels that she hates being famous that she cries sometimes I hold her hand give her a hug I’m her best friend and her lover I have magic powers I can go back in time a v16 but know everything I know now I keep my brain but swap my body I sail through exams yeah it’s a little boring maybe but it’s so satisfying hitting every single grade I go to a different University I know exactly what to say and do at all times seduction works so well I have youth and experience no one says no to me not even Alice I’ve just read in the news that guy from college who was always ahead of me who got a huge job in banking is really sickly it’s horrible but a relief I look almost like I do now but without anyone noticing gradually line by line the wrinkles and the blemishes fade my mouth becomes a touch more symmetrical lips and a little more pretty my ears get just a little smaller and ears themselves over a few weeks more neatly into the side of my head people smile at me more often in the street my colleagues listen I’m still me just the way I was supposed to be we keep quiet about the fantasies we have because we’re not sure how other people will react but they’re doing the same thing we should go easy on ourselves a fantasy is sometimes just the best shape a wish can take we don’t always have a plan and it may just be the best we can do but fantasies also mean freedom from responsibility we’re free to make it perfect and not have to worry about what it would actually be like in reality

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