Operation Snow Blindness

Before the emergence of televisions, radios were widely used as a mean to broadcast news and announcements. In WWII, The rebel radio stations used Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, which has a repeating motive of “V” in Morse Codes, to indicate a victory. It didn’t take long for the government to find a way to use it for transmitting subliminal messages.

It was not an easy task, the problem is to hide the message well but at the same time let it give clear instructions to the listeners. Some government psychologists purposed to attack the unconsciousness with hypnosis. For example, A radio program would boardcast news about a political target, and then immediately follows it with a tragedy or a criminal story. To the casual listeners, they would think those are the same news, achieveing “character-assassination” in the subconsciousness level. One might ask the reason such propaganda was so hard to detect, it is simple: No false news were given, thus no one complained.

Some government psychologists were skeptical about the unconsciousness hypnosis, and they turned to a more scientific method to brainwash the listeners. When the military was looking for an encrypted radio channel for transmitting sensitive battle informations, they found a soundwave which only certain individuals can hear. At first they thought it has something to do with the radar-silencing zone in a certain depth level of the ocean, where battleship radar can’t detect submarines. However it was found later that the sonar from the battleship was refracted away due to water temperature and pressure, that level in the ocean is then known as the SOFAR Channel, and the unrelated soundwave was later called Ultrasound.

Upon further research of Ultrasound, government scientists realized that only people younger than 25 years old can hear this soundwave, which was perfect for brainwashing because it is most effective when done to young listeners. The government would put screeching Ultrasound along things/countries/people they don’t want younglings to like or associate with. The outcome of these brainwash efforts were impossible to monitored, thus their effectiveness were unable to be determined as well.

With the emergence of television, the government halted further research on soundwave hypnosis due to the decline of radio usage. Instead, the government focused on how to use visual subliminal messages to brainwash the citizens. For example, commercials associated a happy family with images of bald eagles and the american flag; news associated death with split seconds photos of political enemies or other country leaders.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and such a method was shown to be an effective one. Brainwashing by association was used very frequently, government would associate its own religion with good and put out mottos like “God Bless America”, then demonize other religions and countries.

Perhaps technology is its own demise. Many have the equipment and computer program to decipher subliminal messages, either by looking at a certain news segment frame by frame, or playing a popular song backward to reveal the message.

Further research was halted yet again, but not because the government was afraid of people exposing those subliminal messages; it was because the CIA has found a better way to brainwash the people. It was called Project Snow Blindness.

When a television’s antenna receive no signals, the monitor would display “static”, or a randomly generated black and white dots pattern, like snow. That was how it was explained to the public, but nothing is farther from the truth. Ever wonder why antenna would make the television display this pattern of moving black/white dots, instead of just a blank screen when receiving no signals? It is actually Project Snow Blindness.

A worldwide effort was made by all the countries of major power to broadcast Project Snow Blindness around the globe 24/7. One might comment that he or she hasn’t noticed any effect after staring at the static screen for a long time. That is because only 1 in 100 million people can actually see different shades of white and black. You see, most of us are color blind, to be more specific, white and whiter/black and blacker color blind. While you can tell the difference between the different common colors, such that you can watch your news or your favorite tv show; there are people who can tell the difference of a few extra white and black colors, such that they can watch another news or another tv show that most people on Earth cannot see, in static.

Well, that might be the most ridiculous thing you have heard, what good did Project Snow Blindness do for the government, if it was only broadcasted when no signals were received? Project Snow Blindness was broadcasted whenever the government wanted, but most viewers would simply think the antenna wasn’t receiving signals. The people who can’t see Project Snow Blindness turned off the television, while the few who can see it would think their antenna was fine. Because the majority of people were not seeing it, no complaint was taken seriously. You might ask what good did Project Snow Blindness do for the government, if it only effects 1 in 100 million people. Well, Project Snow Blindness wasn’t used as a propaganda device, it was used as instructions to train sleeper agents. Ultrasound was employed as well in conjuction with the Project.

It is unclear whether the governments in the world have ceased using Project Snow Blindness, or turned to something more effective. But one thing is for sure: the people who successfully became sleeper agents eventually turned to government’s spies and assassins. The people who failed to become sleeper agents instead became terrorists and mass murderers, saying that they heard their God(s) giving them instructions and the permissions to commit terrible acts.

Credit To – Amanda Molliet (Illirya)

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