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I can’t imagine what’s or secret or calves he died excuse the nerves as my word try read it though I have had sex with men I’ve had a bit of work done well does that mean I’m sorry I left your pet rabbit Benji in a car park you know I said it went live in the country yep well it didn’t really I don’t think I’ve been the best parent don’t think I’ve been the best person out there why well in a nutshell fobbed you off didn’t do my father need to tease and I feel very bad for that yeah I’m not I’m not gay I just fooled around and paused mister like it yeah you know what I’ve set up actresses and things and I’ve said all she’s had a bit of work done I just have a little bit of them Botox around here yeah when I had my mom’s funeral and you know you said you can make it because some fee that kind of hurt me in a way because I needed you there and it’s supposed to help with migraines as well so that’s my excuse well that’s definitely us cuz because I’m sure that’s not what you do I mean I went down the wrong road in history I went down the drugs road I’m still paying debts from those days even though I’m well away from it now I know how you feel with your mom younger son yeah well I lost minor the age of sub now you told me don’t get me wrong hush saying properly I have issues we make promises and I don’t deliver a lot of the times it’s only due to financial you know restrictions it’s not about them the money you know I’m not in the financially amazing pages Eva but I want to still be there for my son all the time as much as I possibly can it hit me really when obviously oh you’re just being like your dad and you don’t know you and that was like one of the moments I was just that I’m actually gonna cry I have been ashamed of my sexuality what the heating when always being bullied or the pressure school and the pressure of everything being a teenager you’re the first person who made me feel like I could do or say what wanted to even for my fun mm-hmm you deserve you don’t deserve to be buddy khushu you’re amazing you better walk to me and I couldn’t picture my life without you that’s just being a girl and you understand has been real I doesn’t change anything from marry me man yeah I wasn’t sure how you’d react well how much does it cost a hundred where for Oh I’ll endeavor to stop bullshitting and get on with it I’m not sure going over there I’m done for the night I describe a bit he’s the biggest sort of casualty of humanity almost is the lack of communication it’s the thing that breaks most relationships down it just feels so much better the toes and just get it out you man yeah your day yeah right uh no you can’t wear that the economy the future of humanity yeah there’s one area where many of us retain a curious sense of optimist

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