On finding ‘the right one’ – Free Ebook

Partly thanks to new technology, we’ve become obsessed by the idea of finding an amazing character called, “The Right Person”! Back in the olden days you made do; you just got together with because their land was next to yours, and you’re plow perfectly complimented their oxen; it was all pretty practical. But now, we’re romantics with laptops out to find the ideal fit: someone who’s beautiful, who totally understands us. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard. So many people aren’t quite right, but still we keep going; they must be out there. That’s what the stories have told us since childhood. But perfection is, at best, for angels only. A perfect seeming partner might appear compatible in so many ways, but still we might come to blows over the color of the curtains, tea versus coffee, or children’s names. The real challenge of relationships isn’t to find the perfect match, it’s to negotiate the differences without panic or nastiness, and stop blowing up perfectly good relationships for mistaken dreams and flawless scenarios. Learning to give up on perfection may be just about the most romantic move any of us could make.

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