On Compromise – Free Ebook

On Compromise “Jerry!” “Yeah?” “First week in our new flat, babe.” “Oooohh! Where’s my poster gone?” “Oh, I thought this was better for the kitchen.” “But you said you liked it!” “I did like… I love it… I love having something I love to look at when I’m getting the vacuum cleaner.” “You put it in the cupboard?” “Yes.” “God, I’m hungry!” “Jerry! You need to close the package after you’ve eaten the crackers. Otherwise they’ll go stale. They’re all stale now.” “That is the point.” “What?” “I like stale crackers. You know that. I hate crunchy food. It makes me feel sick.” “Well, it’s the same with cereal. That’s why I always leave the boxes open.” “What happened in here?” “What do you mean?” “Where’s everything?” “Babe… this is who I am. I’m a creative. I can’t help it.” “You think you could try to help it?” “That’s a bit unreasonable!” “Well… don’t do that! Now I feel bad.” “What are you doing?” “I always tidy to loud music.” “But I can’t hear anything! What am I supposed to do?” “Sorry, Tess… that’s who I am!” “Tess! What are you doing?” “It’s how I low esteem, Babe. It’s who I am!” [learning the art of compromise is] [learning the art of compromise is the most romantic thing you’ll ever do.]

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