Oh, The Rain

Like snakes slithering, intertwined,
So are the constructs of my mind.
I wonder if ’twas by Divine design,
Or just the passage of Earth’s cruel time.

No matter the case, I must digress,
For I cannot think under such duress,
Nor contemplate mine own egress,
Into this dark pit of emptiness.

With so much stress and so much strain,
Whittling away at my wretched brain,
I wonder, will I be driven insane,
Left as a madman to laugh at the rain.

In my case, I must say I do believe,
That madness, to me, would be reprieve,
I would no longer need to grieve,
Over what i have failed to achieve.

Or mourn the loss of innocence,
In each and every happenstance,
No matter what the circumstance,
I detest this grim and loathsome dance.

If only life were not so dastardly,
In its dizzying attempts at mastery,
Perhaps there would not be such casualties,
Or such deviation from old formalities.

There’s naught I can do about this pain,
Save my writing in this refrain,
To spread worldwide the deep disdain,
Of this old madman, laughing at the rain.

Credit To: J. Brown

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