October 2013 Discussion Post: Halloween!

This month, we’re breaking the discussion post pattern. I knew that I wanted to ask something about Halloween, but I was having a hard time settling on the topic. So I’m going to take the easy road out and make this month’s post a place for all-encompassing Halloween chatter. After all, it’s the closest thing we’ve got to an official Creepypasta holiday, so why limit ourselves to talking about just one aspect?

So, let’s hear it, guys:

  • What are you planning on doing for this year’s Halloween costume, if you’re dressing up at all? Are any of you going to be Creepypasta characters? Feel free to link us to photos of your planned costumes, as long as they’re work-safe, of course!
  • How do you usually spend your Halloween? Do you stay at home, giving out candy? Do you throw a party? Do you celebrate by going ghost-hunting or doing some urban exploration into particularly spooky areas? Let us know the details, and share any memorable stories you may have!
  • What’s your favorite thing about Halloween season, anyhow? Do you like the candy, the weather, the decorations, the constant horror movies on TV, hayrides and haunted houses, or what?
  • Do you go all out decorating your house/workspace/creepy hut in the woods with Halloween decorations? Share safe-for-work photos of your efforts if you’d like!
  • Are there any scary urban legends or local stories specifically about Halloween that you know?

Those are just some ideas, of course. You may discuss whatever pops into your head, as long as it’s topical and doesn’t break any site rules (check the FAQ if you want more clarification, but in summary: keep things safe for work, don’t reveal/attempt to obtain overly personal information about yourself or anyone else, and generally be excellent to each other).

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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