November 2016 Discussion Post: Internet Mysteries

First of all, you can totally credit Thinking Sideways for this month’s topic. I was first introduced to their podcast by a friend sending me their Lake City Quiet Pills episode. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Lake City Quiet Pills website is a reddit-centric “internet mystery” and it’s pretty fascinating – the linked podcast does a great job of breaking it down.

Last week, they featured another “creepy internet thing” when they discussed – click the link to check out the episode in question about this infamously strange and mysterious website.

All of this got me wondering – what other internet mysteries are out there?

I found a few things:

…and I’m sure there’s more out there!

So, let’s talk about this – what’s your favorite creepy internet mystery? Do you have any theories about any of these unsolved cases? Do you know of any other podcasts or YouTube channels or websites that document and discuss this sort of content? Let us know all of your thoughts, and feel free to link anything relevant – just make sure to mark things as NSFW if it applies.

Have fun!

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