Mummy-Fication – Free Ebook

man yeah your day yeah great uh no you can’t wear that what’s wrong – you can’t go out in that what are these are my outside clothes where’s the shirt I bought you that nice shirt where is it I don’t know well can you just get change please and turn that off please who is found in this is the one no I know that’s what you’re wearing okay can you just turn that off please don’t roll your eyes at me I have warned you right just get to change do you do I’m not wearing this yes no yes you are it looks like a bomb it’s for sure look hey remember you wore that two weeks ago and everyone was saying I look so nice and answered jimena it’s cuz I was anyone wearing a suit so what you’re wearing okay so just put it on just pop that one off pop that one on easy I’m not wearing it I’m not gonna wear there’s no way I’m gonna wear all right guys you fancy drinking I’ve got red white white please I mean which messy you’ll probably have red no red good for your digestion isn’t it something we’re working on ma happy you drunk MA oh very good isn’t it I’d say brilliant actually you’re so much happier aren’t you and even better he’s earning loads more money than before so we can finally go on that Mediterranean cruise didn’t think you’re into cruises right yes can’t get enough of them don’t you live for them hang on a minute whoops-a-daisy what’s that just me you’ve just made it it’s you’ve just got a bit just let me wear them just let me slip mean what more so much less painful if you just let me uh grumpy anything all right guys just gets a bit cranky when he’s tired and he thinks I’m fussing but that’s normal really don’t always like me but you do love me you babe don’t you tell you wait yeah yeah yeah you

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