Mirrors, a window in which one’s true self can be viewed. But something has always been off about mirrors, you can’t deny it. Deep down in your brain there is always some bad feeling that you can’t quite put your finger on when you stare into a mirror. That, my friends, is your brain trying to warn you. Your subconscious notices it long before you ever do. Something off, something that just isn’t quite right. It’s never something too obvious, though it is never impossible to spot. It’s not like the mirrors constantly want to feed, but doesn’t everyone and everything get hungry? Let me rephrase, mirrors aren’t “alive” and they don’t want to eat you. In fact, I’m not sure how any of this got started in the first place; all I know is that if you have a poor self image then you are in for a really bad time.

Anyway, it may start with something as small as a slightly darker shade of paint on the wall, or something just a few centimeters away from where it really is, all the way down to random actions that are barely even visible to the human eye. They almost always go unnoticed, almost always. I will touch on what happens when you notice them later, but this isn’t the time for you being scared; for all I know you could have noticed it by now, so I’ll do you a favor and save the gruesome part for the end. If you have already noticed it then you may be looking for help. The only good news I can give you is that you won’t be needing a coffin because there won’t be anything to bury, but if you really want to
prolong the life you have left then what you need is to get away from all mirrors! You need to distance yourself from all reflective surfaces, and you definitely need to shatter the mirror you first noticed the anomaly in.

While I can’t say how long that will stop anything bad from happening, it will increase your chances, and hopefully help you sleep better at night. After that, it may be a good move to scuff up any shiny surfaces; even slightly reflective surfaces, the less reflective the better. I’ve known people who lasted a few years just with this, but keep in mind you can’t stop all reflections. Other peoples vanity items? Hell, your own eyes have reflections; do you have enough guts to rip out your own eyes? Yeah, there isn’t much you can do. Especially since after a while, you don’t even need to be looking into the reflection, things just kinda start to happen. Then the next time you look in a mirror, BAM!! You’ve already been fucked over.

So lets get down to it. Right now you are probably thinking “How do I know if I have noticed an Anomaly?”. Well you won’t be able to at first. It’s not like the mirror just swallows you suddenly. You’ll most likely just think that it’s strange that this one hair is here when its actually there, but after you see it once you start to notice it more. Not just little changes either, they can become massive. The worst part is: the more you notice it, the more it happens. It is a downward slope; after these events have started there is no way to get back out. See, it doesn’t seem so bad at first, nothing but slight mishaps. Pretty soon though, it gets bigger: someone off in the distance that isn’t there, little blemishes or pimples on you that aren’t, but it doesn’t stop there either.

Before you know it, major changes start happening to you. Wounds appearing on you, but unlike the other things, that never leaves. Once the wounds are on you they stay in every mirror. Various contortions and bodily mutations start to show up, not in real life; you look at yourself and you’re fine, but these mirrors just keep showing you what you don’t want to see. Just when you think it can’t get any worse suddenly, it stops. Yep, just like that. You look in the mirror and there is no reflection, poof, gone. There is a big relief when that happens. Well, until you try to leave the room and remember that there used to be a door here. Oh, and when you look down and notice that those mutations and wounds you saw are now actually on you. That’s right folks, you are now that disgusting, demented, and tortured person you saw in that mirror! Oh, and you are locked in the mirror. Yeah, those little “blemishes” aren’t very insignificant now, huh?

I’m just glad I got trapped in a room with a computer.

Credit To – Captain Stubbs

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