I wouldn’t say I’m a narcissist but I have learned how to appreciate my looks, take care of myself and keep up my looks, I’m not going to have them forever after all. My friends would agree that I have a habit of always looking at my reflection.

I was about 21 when this happened, it was my birthday and my older friends took me out drinking. I had drinks in my teen years but once I knew I was legal age, my dumbass got drunk. I felt my bladder tighten as I finished another bottle of beer, I groaned at the feeling and excused myself to use the restroom.

I stumbled to the bathroom and quickly did what I went their for. As I passed the row of mirrors over the sinks, I frowned as I saw my refection looking less then neat; I grabbed some paper towels before turning on the water to wash off my ruined makeup. I bent down to splash the cold water onto my face; as I stood straight up, I gasped as I saw my reflection grinning at me before turning and stepping closer to the door.

I backed away and rubbed my eyes only to reopen them, seeing my normal reflection. My breathing slowed down as I observed the mirror and I grinned, shaking my head as I left the bathroom; drawing the reflection up to being just my imagination.

Later that night, I was cuddled deep into the blankets on my bed as I tried to nurse my headache from my earlier party. I looked over to the mirror on my closet door, at first all I saw was my reflection, laying down and covered by the blankets. As I started to drift off to sleep, my reflection slowly sat up and walked to the bathroom which was directly across from the closet mirror. I felt my tiredness seep away as I saw this happen and quickly sat up before running to the bathroom, absolutely psyched out at this point.

I sucked in a breath as I flicked on the light, looking around the bathroom until I saw her, my refection I mean, in the mirror again. I covered my mouth to silence my screams; there was a man standing behind my reflection, a knife deep embedded into her throat. I felt hot tears run down my cheeks as I saw this but my eyes grew wide as I felt breathing on the back of my head and something cold and hard hitting my throat.


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