May 2014 Discussion Post: Do You Wish Any Creepypastas Were Real?

This month’s topic was suggested by Hawlucha – please leave any suggestions for future discussion post topics here if you have ideas, and thank you!

I see many comments come through with the author complaining that real life is so boring – they wish that [insert pasta ritual/creature/place] was real! Of course, similar to the people who pray for a zombie apocalypse but would probably be one of the first eaten, this always kind of makes me laugh – can you imagine how some of our favorite Creepypasta characters would react if they truly existed and were exposed to their internet fandoms? Or how dangerous life would be if the items from The Holders series were all being collected on impulse by, well, us? It’s both kind of funny and scary in its own way to think about the consequences of such wishes!

So this post is a two-for-one, in a way. First, which creepypastas do you wish were actually legit and why? Second, what do you think the end result of your chosen pasta(s) becoming real would be? Would Slenderman become terrified of all his fangirls and give up his skinny, spooky, stalking ways forever in order to run and hide from the fanfics? Would the smart(ish?) zombies of Persuaded take over the world so fast that you’d think we were in Marvel Comics’ Zombieverse? So on and so forth – I think this could be a very entertaining topic, so have fun with it!

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